Why choose IPGenius Business Solutions

If you have a goal you want to achieve or a problem you need to be solved, we have the best IT Infrastructure Services experts ready to jump in. Get the extra help you need from the people you trust— and get it done right, on time, and on budget. Backed by a team of highly qualified engineers, we provide you an end-to-end solution to meet not only your needs but also your budget. Our experts bring their lifetime experiences and provide onsite and offsite IT support to keep your technology updated.

Reliability & access to Best IT Skills

A single employee simply can’t know it all. No sick leave and holiday leave to deal with. Hiring the right IT professional with the right skill set is difficult. Also techs are expensive and the majority of small businesses can neither afford nor justify the high cost of technical individuals. We have a team of IT specialists- the best and brightest engineers who can provide tailored solutions to the most obscure problems you may encounter.

Risk Reduction

Organizations loose about 3.6% of the annual revenue due to critical system downtime. Today’s technical systems are better than ever but still, infrastructure breaks down and sometimes it fails – miserably. We are already prepared to dodge such downtime and other such unfortunate events. This, in turn, allows your company to be more agile, flexible and dynamic because there is more time and energy to focus on growing the business..

Receptivity to New Technology

Unused or old technologies are hampering business ability to respond. Since technology is getting very complex, your IT support team will have access to the latest and greatest technology available – no matter how quickly it changes.

IT Infrastructure Services Toronto, GTA

Regulate IT and labor cost

The stability of a predictable monthly payment rather than falling prey to high monthly cost surges due to server crashes or unexpected IT emergencies, a carefully chosen monthly services plan provides a stable, predictable monthly expense. Control of expenses such as staffing, overtime, training etc, becomes a far simpler task while affording ample opportunity to save money. Odds are you don’t have a massive enough IT budget to hire a panel of experts to guide you through the rapidly changing IT needs.

Improved Security

In 2016, 4000 average ransomware attacks occurred per day and the average ransom amount grew to $679 per ransom. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and so should you. Our innovative solution rigorously monitors your Antivirus, Firewall, and apply the latest updates and patches to ensure maximum security of your network.

Increase Productivity

Focus on your core business and your staff can focus on their core task uninterrupted resulting in increased productivity. We can help you get your edge back by allowing you to focus less on the back office and more on your core competencies – you know, the reason you got into business in the first place.

Our Process

Assessing your network for potential risks is part of the responsibility of providing network services -- if you don't find the problems on your network you can be sure someone else will. It is vital that your organization regularly perform such audits of security policies and procedures, it's just as important to include a network risk assessment in this process.


Free Assessment and DiscoveryAssessing your IT infrastructure is our first task upon onboarding. We will document your entire infrastructure, with identifying bottlenecks, security flaws and exposure, EOL status of your hardware/software setup. if you don't find the problems on your IT infrastructure, you can be sure someone else will, and that comes with a cost of productivity loss It is vital that any organization regularly perform such audits of IT infrastructure and also security policies and procedures, it's just as important to include a network risk assessment in this process.read more


Documentation Identifying GapAfter conducting proper IT Infrastructure, network & security analysis, we document your entire IT infrastructure and get updated latest repository of information for entire IT system. By using the information gathered during the discovery phase, we determine the gaps between existing processes. Our experts, then, determine the targeted best practices and propose the most effective solution as per your business vertical. We provide a phased approach to closing present security gaps and steps to ensure those security gaps don’t occur again. read more


ImplementationBased on the outcome of gap analysis, we will deploy, upgrade/re-align and secure the infrastructure We will make sure there are no bottlenecks in the communication pipelines of the infrastructure. This installation and upgrade will resolve your daily headaches that you might be experiencing.read more


Consistent Ongoing Support and Monitoring and BackupsWe support your business by monitoring your network 24/7, 365, even when you have employees on vacation, out sick, or changing jobs. Our Central command center will be monitoring your desktops, servers and all vital communication equipment’s, round the clock. Response times are dependent upon the SLA expected in the agreement. If you choose, your servers and vital data will be backed up to the cloud, thereby securing against data loss and reducing the future disaster recovery times to couple hours.read more

Our Services

We offer you complete IT infrastructure services that are specific to your business domain. Our team of technicians boasts years of domain experience to deliver best-in-class IT and networking solutions that best suit your business requirements.

Active Directory

With Active Directory all machines would be connected on a domain, which means all of the information is stored in a central location. The global catalog stores the IP addresses, computer names, and users, so that the global administrator can oversee everything that happens on the domain.

Managed IT Services

IPGENIUS is dedicated to keeping your IT investment up-and-running smoothly so that you can focus more on your business tasks. Our managed IT services are carefully built to cover all the needs of IT support..

Network Installation & Cabling

As your company grows your computer network demands changes. A design for implementation of new network or any upgrades to current network must take into account the present requirements as well as the future needs as: new premises layout, additional working stations, etc.

our services
Email Services/Migration (Exchange/O365)

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based version of traditional Microsoft Office software that is particularly suited to the small to medium enterprise (SME) market with a wide range of advantages that can increase overall productivity and profitability.

Virtualization (VMware/HyperV)

Virtualization allows you to take a single piece of hardware and transform it into multiple “virtual” machines. For example, you can “virtualize” CPU, hard disk, RAM, and a network controller to run multiple OS instances on a single hardware device.

Web Filtering and Firewall

What can businesses do to block content they or the law may deem inappropriate for working environments? We can help to protect your organization by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or employees access to inappropriate websites sites like Facebook and YouTube, ensuring a more productive environment.

Managed IT services and Business process consulting

IPGENIUS is backed by talent and resources to provide best-in-class managed IT solutions and consulting to small as well as medium scale enterprises. We understand your IT needs better than you that’s why we provide customer IT solutions to cater to your variegated requirements.

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Do you know about 55% small businesses don’t have effective IT support? We can deliver a number of comprehensive IT solutions for small businesses and start-ups at highly affordable prices. Our experts help you with complete IT setup & optimization as well as migration in case you are changing your locations. We can set up complex business networks, provide assessments of your IT needs and provide ongoing instruction for maintaining effective security.

IPGenius Business Solution Toronto,GTA


As a medium scale enterprise, you may have big IT needs but may not have time to fix issues & extra capital to afford any downtime. Let us create a secure, scalable & efficient IT infrastructure. Our experts are trained to solve any networking issues and can provide seamless upgrades and troubleshooting. Our expert managed IT services help you eliminate downtime and install advanced networking & IT solutions.

IPGenius Business Solution Toronto,GTA


There are different types of businesses and their IT & networking requirements also differ to a large extent. We understand the needs of these businesses; hence, offer custom IT & networking solutions that cater to their personalized requirements. Our experts first thoroughly analyze your business type and then create the best networking solution catering to their business process.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

IPGenius has made sure to gather a team of reliable, diligent, and expert internetworking professionals to ensure that all those training with us are guaranteed an excellent training experience. IP Genius believes in offering the utmost. Our Cisco training would not be what it is without our instructors, who have years of specialized field experience in the networking and voice technologies industry.


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