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Active Directory

With Active Directory  Services, all machines would be connected to a domain, which means all of the information is stored in a central location. The global catalogue stores the IP addresses, computer names, and users, so that the global administrator can oversee everything that happens in the domain. In order to access someone else’s computer, a user would just need that computer’s name, because everything is already linked on the back end. Our Active Directory Consultant support distributed network environments which can be extremely complex and require a network administrator who is well-versed in this type of technology. Our certified administrators will design, setup and support AD Network

Our Active Directory Services

Active Directory Setup -IPGenius Business Solution
Active Directory Setup

Backed by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals, we set up secure and scalable active directory according to the specific requirements of your organization.

Active Directory Services & Active Directory Consultant - Break-fix and Troubleshooting
Break-fix and Troubleshooting

We also provide technical assistance that you need to solve the most complex active directory problems. By leveraging our rich domain expertise, we are able to solve all your active directory problems very quickly.

Active Directory Services & Active Directory Consultant -Active Directory Health checks IPGenius
Active Directory Health checks

If your Active Directory is not properly administered and configured, this will result in service outages and worse yet, security breaches. We will provide configurations, operations, and architectural recommendations which are aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your environment.

Migrations and Upgrades IPGenius
Migrations and Upgrades

Our experts will work with your IT team and define a seamless and robust upgrade path. We do not perform cookie-cutter packages— we assess your current IT environment, brief your team on the new technologies, and then deliver a design specific to how these latest features meet your business needs and benefit your users.

Benefits of Active Directory for Your Organization

There are many advantages of active directory installation and some of these benefits are mentioned below

Benefits of Active Directory for Your Organization - IPGenius
  • It enables users to sign in using passwords and usernames that are used elsewhere
  • There is no need of creating and maintaining user accounts
  • One can create computer policies to automatically update and secure workstations
  • You can easily share resources such as files and printers
  • There is no need to provide a username and password for Outlook emails.
  • It is more secure than other directory services (Logon Authentication).
  • It is easy to manage, administrate and control
  • There is simple identity management as you can view all the user information.
  • It lets you manage your network from one point
  • It is also easy to setup and use

IPGENIUS: The best Choice for Active Directory Installation Services

Know why we have become the preferred choice of customers for all their Active Directory Installation Services:

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