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Web Filtering and Firewall

Protect your business by blocking access to malicious
hacked, or inappropriate websites with our
Web Filtering and Firewall Services.

What can businesses do to block content they or the law may deem inappropriate for working environments? We can help to protect your organization by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or employees access to inappropriate websites sites like Facebook and YouTube, ensuring a more productive environment. Web filtering is the first line of defense against web-based attacks. Add an extra layer of protection to your entire network infrastructure by adding a secure Firewall solution to your business.  Block unauthorized access to your computers and network, protect data, and provide a strong first line of defense against viruses and malware.

Features of our Web Filtering & Firewall Service:

Our advanced Web Filtering & Firewall Service is highly acknowledged by the businesses owing to its following attributes:

HTTPS Filtering
We offer fully decrypt and inspect SSL traffic using MITM with an easy certificate deployment process.
Anonymous Proxy Blocking
Prevent circumvention of your acceptable use policy by our multi-layered filtering & eliminate time consuming manual identification and blocking.
Social Media Controls
Our content modification provides read-only mode which prevents commenting and blocks the games
Bandwidth Optimization
Limit bandwidth use by parameters like content type, user, time or location and save on data usage.
Link & Load Balancing
Link & Load balancing intelligently analyzes ISP WAN links to allocate bandwidth, assign priority and enable seamless fail over for business-critical applications.
Firewall Security
Our Architects are highly knowledgeable with the next-generation firewall and have the most effective firewall solutions for businesses to block unauthorized access to applications or information assets.

Do You Really Need Web Filtering & Firewall Service?

Let’s find why your business needs to have an efficient web filtering & firewall service
with the help of some stats and facts:

web filter
  • 60% of small business close within six months after a cyber attack.
  • Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States alone.
  • 99% of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits.
  • In 93% of hacks, attackers take minutes or less to compromise.
  • 68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable
  • 3 out of 4 small & medium scale businesses get a failing grade for disaster recovery

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