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IT Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management

In this age of doing more with less, the IT landscape has become complex with multiple vendors involved in the IT related
business solutions. Some of the major challenges are:

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Difficulty In Managing Vendor Information

It’s a difficult task to keep paper documents organized, and searching in stacks of files to find the information you need. Moreover, it’s time consuming and associates risk as well.

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Lack of Data Security

Maintaining the integrity of vendor information is critical and risky to communicate sensitive company data. Any misdeed can lead to a major data breach and loss of vital information.

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Vendor Onboarding

Vendor onboarding includes research and domain experience as there are many of them. Unless you have years of experience in IT specific domains, it’s a challenging task to onboard the right vendor.

How IPGenius Helps you with expert IT Vendor Management?

  • Contract and Vendor Relationship Management
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    Our service begins with a review of existing vendor relationship, taking a historical perspective. Our contract and vendor relationship management process allows identification of gaps as well as looking ahead for needed improvement initiatives.

  • Vendor Management Planning
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    We focus on regular vendor-client communications and planning activities. These include performance reviews, strategic planning processes, joint action planning, and service request prioritization processes in order to increase vendor cost efficiency during the contract term.

  • Billing Analysis & Review
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    Good billing analysis and review procedures ensure that vendor billing is reasonable and flawless. In addition, the vital information about costs for types of services needs a through go through. Our experts make sure that you don’t land up paying extra or buying products of less importance.

Hire IPGenius For Affordable IT Vendor Management

With the help of our world-class IT Vendor Management services, a team of certified IT experts and latest IT techniques, we can save your cost. Here are some other benefits, you can get while choosing us:

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A large number of IT vendors
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End-to-end managed IT services
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SLA-driven approach
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Alliance with leading brands
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Free network security assessment
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24x7x365 Asset Monitoring

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

IPGenius has made sure to gather a team of reliable, diligent, and expert internetworking professionals to ensure that all those training with us are guaranteed an excellent training experience. IP Genius believes in offering the utmost. Our Cisco training would not be what it is without our instructors, who have years of specialized field experience in the networking and voice technologies industry.


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