3 Main Benefits of Hiring an IT Company in Toronto

Field of IT has diversified a lot as technologies people dreamt of before are becoming a reality of this world, therefore, the IT companies which are adopting with the changes in technologies are becoming more successful in IT businesses. When you hear the name of an IT company it comes to mind that they might be developing some new technology and will introduce a new invention that will benefit the world. But what type of services they are providing to their customers is the main thing you should know to understand the nature of their business. Before there were only a few renowned IT company names in the world but as of now, if we need to search for an IT company in Toronto, we can find them within our own city. But services of these companies are not restricted to a single area, of course, they can outsource services to any country from where they can get the projects and provide quality services which they specialize in.


Following are the benefits that you can get by hiring IT Companies:

Managed IT Services in Toronto

These services are the most demanding services that companies will benefit from. All of the IT functionalities are now handed over to the professionals who will provide IT support in Toronto from their IT systems and equipment’s and will transfer the burden of maintaining the IT Department from the client to network support provider. So the company can focus on other business concerns and develop strategies. The customer has to pay a monthly fee or you can select an yearly package.

Service Features

Your network monitoring is done on a daily basis and it will keep your data secured from any security vulnerabilities. They will provide data backup services and maintain it safely in their servers. The system is monitored 24/7 and 365 days to make sure your hardware is working fine and the pending issues are resolved on time. You are provided with the access to your systems anytime which will increase the efficiency of your business. They install highly effective software to protect your network against viruses and malware. They also provide a detailed report about the activity and information of your network. Most importantly, they will provide you with IT consultancy and help you out with developing a strategic road map for achieving high goals in business.


Managed VoIP Services

When your company decides to set up an IT system which will cut down the communications costs of your company, you can opt for these services. VoIP services are fully managed communication solutions, you will feel safe that your systems are hosted on cloud PBX and in time of power failure it will still be functioning. It is ideal for businesses running in one or multiple locations. You can convert your local and toll-free numbers on the VoIP services. Calls can be monitored and structured to handle calls in a way which suits your needs.

Service Features

With a setup of around a thousand users, it is best to entrust your VoIP communication services in the hands of a highly skilled and technically sound company because they will help you out in providing the best service to their clients and provide the best solutions to solve any problem. 24/7 network monitoring services to solve any issues on time. Data backup of calls means you can check the quality of calls any time dated up to three months old. Best support services are provided, they would control the services and move, add, delete and change users for the company, and they work for the best of the interest for customers in case of any technical expertise needed. The organization will just have to open a ticket regarding any technical issues in the voice and the service provider will take care of the issues in the best possible way solve it as per the time given in SLA.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

These are the two very important functionalities that big companies wouldn’t take the risk of not using them. Data backup means storing a copy of data files in a separate storage location to keep it safe in case those files are lost or damaged. Disaster services are provided to restore those lost files and data. Many businesses are giving these services combined for giving one comprehensive solution for fast and easy installation.


This technology is affordable, small businesses have limited IT budget, therefore for a few hundred dollars per year, you can get all of your data backed up on the cloud and keep your data secured. Your data is accessible anywhere anytime, opting for cloud backup services will give you the facility to access your data anywhere anytime. As long as you have access to the internet, you can check your files from a computer or smartphone. Even if your files are backed up on a server a sudden disaster destroys everything, the files which are backed up on the cloud will ensure the files are safe. It’s easy to create data backup of files just with the click of a button. Time is money so this technology will certainly save your time as you don’t have to take out additional time to back up the data. Whenever you are connected to the internet computer, files will automatically and continuously create data backup.


In today’s time, IT companies which have expertise in the latest technology are very difficult to find and those which are providing these services are either charging too high or they lack relevant expertise. So, if you are in search of top IT service provider company in Canada who can ensure you to have the best possible IT infrastructure with fewer costs and maintain your systems perfectly, you can acquire the services of IP Genius Solutions, because their services will certainly give you advantages in various areas of your company and give a boost to your organization so that you can be on top of everything in your daily tasks of the company.