A Forbes Global 2000 Company Outsources its Network Operations to IPGENIUS

With Pleasure and Pride, IPGenius welcomes the announcement of a Forbes Global 2000 Company entrusting its team to take over the Network Management and Operations of the  Canadian Chapter ( Out of its Global Operations).

The Executive leadership at the company realized the importance of outsourcing the Network operations to the team of experts at IPGenius, rather than having a full-time employee working as their IT team.


What are the advantages of Managed Network Services?

By moving to Managed Networking Services, you can diminish overall costs significantly and imparting your company stability by having a team of experts, adhering to best practices of network design and management.

In today’s complex Networked World, a company’s core network infrastructure is of vital importance.

In View of the above network’s role in today’s company infrastructure, a company of the size of about 1000 users and approximately 25 locations, cannot afford to have the talent that has expertise in the field of

  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Voice over IP technologies.
  • Firewalls with Next Generation Capabilities
  • Content Filtering & Firepower Management.


Let’s say, you have hired a junior engineer and he starts doing things in his own way that he has seen and starts making the changes to the environment without any checks and balances. That can land the company in a state that can damage the business to irreprehensible level.

The CTO of our company, being a network Architect, had an opportunity to visit a company, would not take names because of confidentiality, just between 4 locations, and 750 users, the resident network engineer made 400 to 450 private networks in the company. Many networks had 2 to 4 users in them, and many were just on the routers with no users. Such irresponsible act might have been done thinking it as job security but has damaged the company’s daily operations that result in massive operations loss for the company. The resident engineer just kept going without any checks and balances.



Why shouldn’t you worry about dealing with things?

IPGenius Network Managed Services promises you to bring the best intelligence to your network and will monitor and manage your network in a cost-effective budget.