Benefits of Hiring An MSP During The Pandemic

Pandemic has hit the businesses really bad.

As of 9th July, the number of people infected with Covid19 in Toronto, Ontario has reached 36,178 while entire Canada stands at a whopping number of 106k confirmed cases. Things have been bad but the number of cases has started to decline. However, a majority of the people have turned to remote working so that businesses can continue to remain operational despite the social distancing and lockdowns which have been hitting the businesses really bad.

But this does not change the fact that there’s still a majority of small to medium-sized business owners (SMBs) are concerned with the current scenario that has been affecting the economy and their businesses. It’s a big challenge to manage the employees and coordinate with them efficiently who are working from their homes, especially if the company IT infrastructure wasn’t set up for it.


Did you say working from home is an easy task? Think again.

Work from home seems like an easy task but it isn’t unless you are well prepared for it. There are numerous problems that you can run into and that’s why one of the wisest investments you can make as an SMB owner during this pandemic is to acquire the services of a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP).


Why should you hire MSP services?

We understand you must have this question in your mind and we would like to clarify it to you as to how it can benefit your business in the long run. You should think of it as having your own IT department, with enough staff members to service all your IT needs, but the only difference will be that it’s going to be outsourced. That’s what an MSP is, and it’s precisely what’s needed in this era of working remotely.

If you think outsourcing your IT to an MSP is only for big businesses with deep pockets, think again. Even your small business will benefit greatly from such a partnership not only during this pandemic but also when things go back to normal.


Let’s talk about the befits of hiring an MSP during the pandemic


1. Financial flexibility

Many SMB owners stress out about their finances as those are pretty limited but partnering with an MSP will not break the bank, for sure. An MSP will work within the budget you have and recommend only the services you need, especially for a remote work setup. The good news is, you pay only for what you use, and because MSPs charge you a fixed monthly fee, you won’t have to stress out about your budget and you can manage it accordingly. Last but not the least, it’s cheaper to outsource your IT department instead of hiring your own IT staff. You don’t need to shoulder salaries, training, and other overhead expenses that come with in-house employees. So, if you look at it that way, you will be saving money instead of spending more.


2. The right skills

Not only are highly skilled IT experts expensive, but they’re also in high demand. But with an MSP, you tap into a pool of IT experts with extensive experience in various fields. What’s more, these experts can offer you a fresh, unbiased third-party point of view to solve your IT issues or recommend technologies that complement your business strategies.


3. Cybersecurity

Leave it to the experts to make sure your network is safe and secure even when all your staff members are working in different locations and accessing the internet using different providers.

Also, more hackers are now using COVID-19 scare as a phishing tactic. An MSP can help train your staff on how to avoid becoming a victim of such schemes.


4. Focus on your business

Whenever you encounter IT problems, let your MSP take care of it. They will also manage your network 24/7, making sure all your software programs are updated and patched. With IT concerns off your plate, you and your staff can now focus your attention and efforts on actually running your business.


5. Scalability

When all of this is over, your business will be in a position to take advantage of the economic surge that happens when the whole country bounces back on its feet. Should your SMB experience sudden growth, your MSP can scale up its services according to your new needs.


IP GENIUS Solutions is dedicated to keeping your IT investment up-and-running smoothly so that you can focus more on your business tasks. Our Managed IT Services in Toronto are carefully built to cover all the needs of IT support. We assess, build, upgrade, document, monitor – 24/7/365, proactively detect threats, have preventive measures and backup data.