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Accounting & Finance

You ooze certainty and trust. That is the reason people and organizations trusts you with their budgetary and financial matters.


Our job is to protect you and to enable you to settle on savvy choices about your systems and your customers’ security. We can define IT security strategies and actualize the required apparatuses so you can forget about the IT risks and focus more on various opportunities for your customers.


What IP Genius does?

• Takes the privacy of you and your financial specialists seriously.

• Manages all your IT department



You must leave all you technical issues to us while you can focus on what’s more important.


We have years of experience supporting scores of medical, dental and optometry centers, including pretty much every sort of specialty that is present. Our job is to make your life simpler, so you can improve the world, one patient at any given moment.


What IP Genius does?

• Assists your IT Department and prevents your systems from all sorts of malwares.



You have a ton to stress over, and dealing with a technical issue is the last thing on earth you would want while you are dealing with manufacturing.


IP Genius works cooperatively with your current IT team. We take the entire responsibility of the systems to make sure that your current IT department doesn’t face any type of IT problems.


What IP Genius does?

• Places a strategy for all your systems

• Makes sure all your systems are secured.

Oil and Gas


We understand that the oil and gas industry had a drastic change and the way it works has changed.


However, you don’t need to stress out in regards with the IT plan because that’s what we are here for. IP Genius has hired highly paid professionals to set a cost effective and the best plan for your company.


What IP Genius does?

• Doesn’t let you face any IT related issues.

• Oversee immense amounts of information.

Automotive and Transportation


Regardless of whatever you do, reliability of the time and scheduling is the most critical part for an organization especially in this field. Since this is the case, you need to make sure that the technology you are currently using isn’t outdated or old.


Being straightforward, we have seen probably the most outdated and difficult IT setups when working in your industry. We’d like to wear down that generalization.


IP Genius assures you to handle all your technicalities related to any type of IT problems you face while you can keep your focus on the business. How would we do it? Literally by taking control of your IT department and updating your IT equipment accordingly.


What IP Genius does?

• Takes over your current IT setup and fix all your IT related queries.

• Updates your current IT equipment according to your needs.



While we talk about your industry, we highly respect the work that you do by making our societies better. Being a non-profitable industry doesn’t mean that your IT equipment should stay outdated because that would impact many things which includes the accounts too.


IP Genius stands proud while supporting a Non-profitable organization because this isn’t about us or you, it’s exclusively about the people that these industries are trying to help.



Handling a construction industry surely is anything but a piece of cake because of the amount of pressure that you guys have to deal with while managing your timely deliveries and all. However, having outdate IT equipment’s can surely slow many things for you which you wouldn’t want.


In this scenario, let IP Genius take the control over your IT equipment’s and handle all the technical stuff for you while you can focus better on your specialties.


IP Genius has a vast experience in your line of business.



It has been said that a lawyer can save you from many bad things and we surely respect your industry a lot and would never want you to worry about your IT issues.


Our IT strategies are designed specifically to cater your needs and lessen your mental stress levels as we know the people in this industry goes through a lot of stress. IP Genius tends to overtake all the risks and responsibility in regards to the software’s, systems, backups and security while you will have a lot of time to manage your work and not care about these things.

Retail Industry


We are offering Managed IT Services to help retail and hospitality administrators with every type of IT challenges that they might face and moreover, our team of highly paid professionals will be working with you actively to maintain a strategic distance from various issues that may occur.


We comprehend that the trade of retail and hospitality is a never-ending cycle, and therefore, we ensure to deliver our best. At IP Genius, we will be offering our support 24×7 and work nonstop to guarantee we are there with you in every type of critical situation that you may face and to help you at whatever point you require it.


For your ease, you will be provided with two options. Either you can hire us and replace your current IT team or you can acquire our services whenever they are required and we will be working with your current IT team to get rid of your IT problems. Whichever level of help you require, we can look after your entire business to guarantee most up-time and effective implementation of your projects.