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We offer you complete IT solutions  and IT Services that are specific to your business domain. Our team of technicians boasts years of domain experience to deliver best-in-class IT and networking solutions that best suit your business requirements.

Managed IT Services

IPGENIUS is dedicated to keeping your IT investment up-and-running smoothly so that you can focus more on your business tasks. Our managed IT services are carefully built to cover all the needs of IT support..

Virtualization (VMware/HyperV)

Virtualization allows you to take a single piece of hardware and transform it into multiple “virtual” machines. For example, you can “virtualize” CPU, hard disk, RAM, and a network controller to run multiple OS instances on a single hardware device.

Email Services/Migration (Exchange/O365)

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based version of traditional Microsoft Office software that is particularly suited to the small to medium enterprise (SME) market with a wide range of advantages that can increase overall productivity and profitability.

Data BackUp and Disaster Recovery

All organizations out there are susceptible to an IT disaster due to Machine or hardware failure, Human Mistake or Natural crisis. The importance of backing up your mission-critical data, and being able to keep working in the case of a disaster, is at an all-time high.

Network Installation & Cabling

As your company grows your computer network demands changes. A design for implementation of new network or any upgrades to current network must take into account the present requirements as well as the future needs as: new premises layout, additional working stations, etc.

Web Filtering and Firewall

What can businesses do to block content they or the law may deem inappropriate for working environments? We can help to protect your organization by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or employees access to inappropriate websites sites like Facebook and YouTube, ensuring a more productive environment.

Active Directory

With Active Directory all machines would be connected on a domain, which means all of the information is stored in a central location. The global catalog stores the IP addresses, computer names, and users, so that the global administrator can oversee everything that happens on the domain.