Benefits of Cisco Procurement for Small Businesses

6 Reasons growing businesses choose Cisco

1. We make IT simple

You have big plans for your business. And none of them includes managing complex, multi-vendor IT solutions. We help growing businesses accelerate teamwork, fend off cyberattacks and seamlessly increase employee productivity with solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to manage, and help take the complexity out of IT.

2. We understand you can’t do it all

One-third of all growing business owners in the United States and Canada report working more than 50 hours per week. With the multiple hats business owners and leaders are already wearing, there simply isn’t time to add IT expert to the list. We understand your business needs technology that works, period, and that you may not have the resources to maintain your IT environment. That’s why our ecosystem of partners and Cisco Services are here to help. We can scale to support your business needs, no matter the technology or business problem.

3. Ironclad security keeps your data safe

It’s time to face it: small business is big business for hackers. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, provide professional services or a restauranteur, your business faces serious cybersecurity threats. A greater reliance on mobility, sensor-based data gathering (the Internet of Things), increased customer expectations and changing business goals have created new levels of vulnerability. Weak security can profoundly damage brand loyalty and critically affect your customers’ trust. That’s why we provide security solutions that keep your information safe, from device to data centre.

4. We help you future-proof

The pace of innovation can be ruthless. What is considered bleeding-edge technology today may be table-stakes tomorrow, and businesses need solutions that support these IT needs as they grow? Factors such as total cost of ownership can become significant, and businesses need to look for solutions that scale as their IT needs increase. Cloud-based products are especially useful in this case, as they simplify installation and management without the need for a large IT staff. This is why so many businesses trust our Cisco Meraki network switches, security appliances, and wireless access points.

5. Unparalleled productivity

As a growing business, you compete with larger enterprises. We know that employees are the lifeblood of your business and that when they can get work done from anywhere, at any time, on any device, your business thrives. Our collaboration solutions (conferencing, voice, video, and messaging) level the playing field, scaling to your needs and increasing employee productivity – so you can get more done.

6. Our solutions let you focus on what counts

We understand that, when done right, the technology fueling your business should be invisible. The network simply…works. Cyberattacks are thwarted before data is compromised. Work is never impacted, letting you focus on what counts – growing your business. We believe that technology should be simple, secure, and reliable – and your business deserves to see what we can do.