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IPGenius was established in the year 2006

with an ambition to become the most advanced Technology training institute. The founding Director, Vijaykumar Patel was himself one of the elite network architects in the industry holding multiple CCIE certifications, which marks the pinnacle of the certificate in the networking industry. IPGenius has to date helped hundreds of Network engineers achieve their CCIE dream by providing the best IT Consulting Services.

Since 2008, IPGenius diversified into helping the medium size businesses and Government institutions. We helped corporations in the area of,

Network infrastructure

Firewalls and IPS/IDS filtering

Wireless infrastructures

Active Directory Implementations and Migrations

VPN solutions and single sign on integrations with active directory

Exchange Implementation, migration and mergers.

Exchange migration to the cloud office 365

VMWare implementations and virtualization of physical environment.

SQL server implementations

Cloud backup solutions.

Antivirus solutions to the desktop/server level.

Now, in 2017, we are diversifying our focus more to provide and strengthen our business solutions offerings. We have now implemented our central NOC with 24x7 monitoring with access to technical resources as per the SLA’s agreed with our customers. In today’s advanced technological reliance, even medium businesses are in the need of all top technology resources, which cannot be hired on a daily basis, but the IT infrastructure needs all intelligence in the field of Network, Firewalls, VMWare, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory. To fill this gap, we will provide all resource verticals to our business clients under single contract.