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Assessing your IT infrastructure is our first task upon onboarding. We will document your entire infrastructure, with identifying bottlenecks, security flaws and exposure, EOL status of your hardware/software setup.



After conducting proper IT Infrastructure, network & security analysis, we document your entire IT infrastructure and get updated latest repository of information for entire IT system.



Based on the outcome of gap analysis, we will deploy, upgrade/re-align and secure the infrastructure We will make sure there are no bottlenecks in the communication pipelines of the infrastructure.

Why choose IPGenius Business Solutions

If you have a goal you want to achieve or a problem you need to be solved, we have the best IT Infrastructure Services experts ready to jump in because we are one of the best IT Support Companies in Toronto. Get the extra help you need from the people you trust— and get it done right, on time, and on budget. Backed by a team of highly qualified engineers, we provide you an end-to-end solution to meet not only your needs but also your budget. Our experts bring their lifetime experiences and provide onsite and offsite IT support to keep your technology updated. So, if you are looking to cut down your IT costs, we offer the best Managed IT Services in Toronto.

Our Services

Active Directory

With Active Directory all machines would be connected on a domain, which means all of the information is stored in a central location. The global catalog stores the IP addresses, computer names, and users, so that the global administrator.

Managed IT Services Toronto

IPGENIUS is dedicated to keeping your IT investment up-and-running smoothly so that you can focus more on your business tasks. Our Managed IT Services in Toronto, are carefully built to cover all the needs of IT support. We assess, build, upgrade, document, monitor

Virtualization (VMware/HyperV)

Virtualization allows you to take a single piece of hardware and transform it into multiple “virtual” machines. For example, you can “virtualize” CPU, hard disk, RAM, and a network controller to run multiple OS instances on a single hardware device.

Business process consulting

Managed IT Services Toronto

IPGENIUS is backed by talent and resources to provide best-in-class managed IT solutions and consulting to small as well as medium scale enterprises. We understand your IT needs better than you that’s why we provide customer IT solutions to cater to your variegated requirements.

IT Support For Small Business

Do you know about 55% small businesses don’t have effective IT support? We can deliver a number of comprehensive IT solutions for small businesses and start-ups at highly affordable prices. Our experts help you with complete IT setup & optimization as well as migration in case you are changing your locations. We can set up complex business networks, provide assessments of your IT needs.

IT Support For Medium Business

As a medium scale enterprise, you may have big IT needs but may not have time to fix issues & extra capital to afford any downtime. Let us create a secure, scalable & efficient IT infrastructure. Our experts are trained to solve any networking issues and can provide seamless upgrades and troubleshooting. Our expert managed IT services help you eliminate downtime and install advanced networking & IT solutions.

Custom IT Solutions For Your Business

There are different types of businesses and their IT & networking requirements also differ to a large extent. We understand the needs of these businesses; hence, offer custom IT & networking solutions that cater to their personalized requirements. Our experts first thoroughly analyze your business type and then create the best networking solution catering to their business process.

IT Procurement

At the point when the time has come to put resources into new innovation for your business, you have to realize what items will work best for your organization, employees, and business development. Our IT procurement services can help coordinate your business’ IT needs with hardware, software, and network components that offer the best worth and functionality.


With managed IT procurement and purchasing your business can realize immediate upfront cost savings by obtaining technology, services, and licensing at the best price available. Moreover, you will be in a superior situation to exploit any guarantees or limits which are regularly missed or neglected to yield your business considerably more reserve funds.

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